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Prolexin IGF-1 is a deer antler velvet extract which is taken from the outer layer of the deer antler. This supplement has become quite popular in the past year.  Many men, including a number of professonal athletes love the performance advantage the spray gives them.


The polypeptide compound of Prolexin is naturally found within the velvet and is normally produced by human growth hormone (HGH) which the body convertes into testosterone.  This produces several benefits including including easier weight loss as well as muscle gain in adult males.  Prolexin also assists in post workout muscle recovery.




I've tried several HGH products on the market and only saw limited results.  Prolexin not only gives me a great energy boost with my workouts, but I'm already seeing an increase in muscle mass after just a couple weeks. 


- Mark G. 

I do modeling for several companies so I need to be in great shape and look good at all times.  Prolexin has helped me get a more ripped physique without having to spend more time in the gym.  Can't say enough good things about it. 


-John L. 

As a competitive bodybuilder, I see all the latest and greatest supplements come through my gym.  Most are crap.  A natural HGH supplement like Prolexin is perfect for anyone looking to buld muscle and loose some body fat at the same time. ​


Gary S.  

Prolexin isn't going to get your ripped overnight, that's for sure. But it's a great supplement to add in if you're already working out and on a solid, healthy diet. You'll definitely see results from this product.  


Steve R. 


Prolexin IGF-1 is a natural supplement that will help improve your workouts with increased muscle mass and strength.  You will also notice increased energy levels, endurance, & stamina which will naturally improve your libido and sexual health.  


Prolexin is an excellent supplement even if you're not currently on a workout regimen, as it aids in natural weight loss and fat burning. 



The short answer is YES!  Prolexin simulates human grown hormone production which is naturally occuring in your body as we speak.  When your body produces additional HGH & testosterone, your ability to increase muscle mass goes up dramatically.   


The active ingredient is IGF-1 (Insuline-like Growth Factor 1) which is closely related to HGH.  This is the secret to building muscle and eliminataing body fat.  In fact, IFG-1 is a banned supplement in many professional sports due to it's performance enhancing properties.    Are you going to get totally ripped like the man in the photo below; probably not, but you will see definite muscle and performance gains. 


Prolexin is comprised of natural ingredients including deer antler velvet extract, IGF-1, L-Argnine and other vitamins & minerals.  There are no known side effects from using Prolexin, but please consult with your physician prior to taking any type of muscle building or weight loss supplement, to ensure they're right for you. 


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